About Practical Flooring
Before starting Practical Flooring in the early '90s,
Bernie Roybal, Jr. sensed an opportunity in the looming construction boom. Many grand casinos were being planned and built, and Bernie and his team aggressively sought – and secured – the lion’s share of the high-end casino flooring contracts. While Bernie was in the field, his wife, Danette, took charge of their new company’s business office, handling billing, client accounts, payroll, and the pre-bidding process. Together, the couple laid the foundation for their MWBE-certified company, which has become a regional leader in the flooring industry. They have won contracts for commercial centers, malls, grocery stores, schools, hospitals, medical centers, and high-end commercial work. Bernie, Danette, and their team also secured contracts for some of Las Vegas' most opulent custom homes, taking on complex flooring installations where the labor alone topped $1 million.

About our founder, Bernie Royball, Jr.

Bernie Roybal, Jr. was born at Southern Nevada Memorial Hospital in Las Vegas, and this valley has been his home every since. His grandparents originally came to southern Nevada when construction on Hoover Dam began. Bernie was raised by hard-working parents who were in the flooring business as well, so, from a young age, Bernie learned how to install large commercial flooring projects. He started his own flooring company in the early 1980s, and from the beginning, his reputation was built on a combination of hard work, positive attitude, attention to detail, and exceptional personal service that is still a hallmark of his company today.